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We are not fast food

We, in Tepuy Burger, think that the real secret of a very good meal is to use homemade procedures and cook everything at the moment, avoiding techniques that could affect flavour and food properties. So that, we can offer you the freshest options to assure you will enjoy to the fullest.

We love burgers as much as we love what we do, that is the reason why we want to put them in their real place and take them away from junk food. So we invest our effort and love in each of them, as well as in their flavour and freshness of our ingredients. Starting from our meat, that we never freeze and it is processed day by day to conserve their flavour and properties; our french fries, the perfect friend of a good burger, which are homemade at Tepuy’s style; ending with our bread, cheeses and vegetables, each and every ingredient we combine with our burgers.

“We wanted to break with every industrial processes that, sadly, are associated with burgers to create something homemade, fresh, real and authentic. And people loved it!

Manuel Zambrano CEO of Tepuy Burger”


Caribbean flavour

From the very beginning we wanted to show our clients the flavour from our land. That’s why Tepuy Burger’s concept is a fusion between burgers and caribbean food, where we show typical dishes from our gastronomy such as arepas and tequeños, and adding authentic flavour from the caribbean to the rest of our dishes using tropical fruits, using fresh spicy and sweet flavours, in order that you enjoy a completely different experience.

“We wanted to fuse our gastronomy with burgers and show it to all people of alicante to make them know and enjoy caribbean gastronomy in a unique experience”

Mario Rosadoro, Executive Chef of Tepuy Burger